Possible Guide Update? - In a Winter City

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Sun Jul 16 15:30:36 EDT 2006

Thanks, Barry, for that information.  I recall you mentioning a few times that batches of previously printed pages were often bound later.  And so here is another example, only it is more noticeable due to the binding change.

A couple of guide questions for everyone:

- Is either one more valuable than the other?  I would think the BL binding would be, but the scarcity factor may come into play.

- If not, would a comment entry for this title be appropriate?  I think at least this is needed, since the guide indicates there is no Lmp binding available... yet there is.


> The entry for In a Winter City in my ML bibliography states: "The ML, Inc. distributed remaining B&L copies in its own binding but does not appear to have reprinted In a Winter City before dropping it from the series at the end of 1926."

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