Possible Guide Update? - In a Winter City

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It's not unusual to find late B&L printings in ML, Inc. bindings.  Boni and Liveright didn't bind entire printings of ML books at the same time.  Printed sheets were folded and sewn and the endpapers were tipped on.  They were warehoused that way; bindings were added as needed to fill orders.  Cerf and Klopfer agreed to buy the ML in May 1925 but didn't take possession of the series until August.  B&L probably kept the number of fully bound copies in the warehouse as low as possible that summer.  I expect that most of the books Cerf and Klopfer acquired in August 1925 lacked bindings.  They sold most of the stock they inherited from B&L in their own ML, Inc. imitation leather bindings, with B&L title pages and endpapers.  Sometimes they used newly printed ML Inc. jackets, sometimes B&L jackets, depending on what was available.  There are ML Inc. jackets for books that Cerf and Klopfer never printed under their Modern Library, Inc. imprint.

The entry for In a Winter City in my ML bibliography states: "The ML, Inc. distributed remaining B&L copies in its own binding but does not appear to have reprinted In a Winter City before dropping it from the series at the end of 1926."


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>About a month ago, a copy of Ouida, In a Winter City sold on eBay.  This copy had BL pages (it had a BL title page, Brodzky endpapers, and also had the first printing statement).  However, it was in a #4 binding (ML logo on the front).  The DJ was BL.  Should this be considered a different edition, with a price indicator entry under the Lmp column?  It is a first (and only) printing of the pages, but has a different binding. 
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