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Lewis Tanner take5 at
Tue Jul 4 23:29:29 EDT 2006

Bill DiBenedetto wrote:
> HI all -- I finally decided to start the onerous task of cataloguing my MLs
> over the long holiday weekend, and came across a really nice, compact
> database software program designed specifically for books. It's easy to use
> and just what I was looking for as an alternative to using a regular
> spreadsheet program or adapting a contact database program.
> Best of all its free! Here's the link to get the download:

Book collector's inventory (books.dwh)for dBworx
Author: helium
This is a simple, if not rudimentary, database that I created for my 
small collection of hardcovers. It was not meant for serious book collectors/
dealers/libraries but can be changed to meet your purposes
or as a guide to creating your own db. contains a readme file and the template.

The template, books.dwh, is a comma delimited file and can be adopted
to any other type of delimited file - tab. etc. It's an ascii file that
can be read or changed using any text editor. The help file, books.txt,
explains the choices made by the author. HTH, lewis
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