PLEASE help us test the new ModLib archive feature

EDWARD LUKANUSKI ed_lukanuski at
Tue Jan 31 11:23:33 EST 2006

Yes, the conversation made sense for the Kipling search.

One slight bump, I tried to follow the time sequence and the sequence seemed at first to be out of order. I guess when you're dealing with folks from different time zones time sequencing could drive you crazy.

I did try other searches. Surprised that no threads for W. Somerset "How droll?" Maugham or Ernest "My gun is bigger than your gun" Hemingway. I tried Maugham in 3 forms of his name and came up with nothing. 

How the heroes of my youth have fallen!

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  > seems to work ...
  > found Kipling thread
  > found March 2001 thread
  > A-OK
  Thanks, Ed. Did you find the ordering within threads to make sense --  
  that is, was it easy to follow the conversation OK?

  Scot Kamins

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