eBay's Responsibility for For-Sale Fakes (was Re: New article on Dogeared: "Ethics & eBay - No, Really!")

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Mon Jan 30 17:49:38 EST 2006

On Jan 30, 2006, at 2:36 PM, Stan Shelley wrote:

> Yes it will be interesting.  Jewelry is one of my specialties on  
> Ebay so I
> know from experience that there is a huge amount of fake Tiffany  
> merchandise
> around and most Ebay sellers do not have the expertise (or ethics) to
> identify it as such.  Thus lots of fakes are on Ebay.  Is this  
> Ebay's fault?
> I guess the judge will decide.

The coin collecting world has long been at odds with eBay over this  
issue, as evidenced by the huge number of posts (relative to other  
topics) in the various online coin collecting discussion groups.  
eBay's constant mantra 'We Are But A Venue' (the equivalent of "Not  
Responsible...Park & Lock It...Take the Key") doesn't sit well with  
lots of folks, especially when eBay tends to ignore evidence put  
before it about rampant counterfeit selling from specific vendors.

Well, at least there are SOME on-line biggies that have maintained a  
level of integrity. Thank heavens for Googel whose motto 'Do No Evil"  
continues to govern their - oh, wait. Never mind.

Scot Kamins
When the elephants dance in the lowlands, it is best that the  
musicians play from the hilltop.

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