PING: Bill DiBenedetto

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Jan 30 13:58:17 EST 2006

NOTE TO LISTSERV MEMBERS: All but Bill can ignore this. I'm having  
trouble communicating with him via private mail; the ListServ is the  
only way I know to get through. Please excuse the interruption.


John forwarded your response to my call for feedback - thanks much.

There's something odd about the way our mailer is set up. I've  
written to you about this before but I haven't heard back from you --  
I assume you're not getting my direct mail.

Please e-mail me privately sending the same message to all three of  
these addresses so I can figure out the problem:

kamins at
kamindsl at
scot.kamins at

Thanks much,

Scot Kamins
Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone.
   - Gertrude Stein

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