PLEASE help us test the new ModLib archive feature

EDWARD LUKANUSKI ed_lukanuski at
Mon Jan 30 13:07:23 EST 2006

seems to work ...
found Kipling thread
found March 2001 thread 

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  We need your help on this. Just take five minutes out to do this.  
  Please help us find out if the archive retrieval feature is working  
  the way it should before we put a lot more work into it for nothing.

  1) Go to<>
  2) In the blue panel at the left, click ListServ Archives
  3) Experiment a bit looking through/searching the archives.
  4) Give us some response about the way it works, the formatting,  
  anything like that.

  There are two years there now -- March 2001 through december 2002.

  You can reply here, or directly to me (kamins at<mailto:kamins at>) or to Ron  
  (modlib at<mailto:modlib at>).

  - Scot Kamins

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