New article on Dogeared: "Ethics & eBay - No, Really!"

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Nice job Scot. This is my last word on Casino ebay.
On books that I purchase,I find the whole thing to be a complete crap shoot,knowledge is of little value,one needs luck. I have lost as much as $100 on a single transaction. On the other hand,I have picked up unbelievable bargains. So far it has all equaled out for me. 
The thing that really gets to me is,when I am on the losing side of a transaction,I do not have any way of knowing for sure if it is a crook or a good person lacking knowledge of the subject.



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Wonderful piece Scot.  
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> Folks,
> Here's an article I wrote at the request of the editor of an online  
> magazine for bibliophiles. The article's publication has been  
> delayed, and I decided to give ModLibbers a preview. The article,  
> "Ethics & eBay - No, Really! (Perspectives from a Modern Library  
> Collector)", combines information already on Dogeared plus a bunch of  
> other info and subjective observations. Sure to offend any number of  
> eBay sellers, It's available at:
> Scot Kamins
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