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> Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 12:11:25 -0800 (PST)
> From: "B.L. Clark" <cottonwoodbooks at yahoo.com>
> Subject: ML Matchbooks
> To: Modern Library Collectors <modlib at algol.owu.edu>
> Fellow ML Collectors
>       Well, the recent ebay auction for another ML matchbook set me  
> on a hunt.  I entered the uncharted waters of phillumeny (matchbook  
> collecting) to learn a little more about it and search out one of  
> these elusive boogers for myself (and hopefully a bargain).  The  
> example seen on dogeared [ http://www.dogeared.com/Rarities/ 
> matchbook.html ] familiar to all of us, is the very cool matchbook  
> w/ the book spines printed on the matches inside.  These types are  
> called "features" in the matchbook collecting world and very  
> popular (for obvious reasons).  For example search: matchbook  
> feature : on ebay and see what I mean.
>        I managed to find two identical matchbooks very reasonably  
> as part of a "trading lot", but for good reason.  They're in  
> terrible shape and have been "bob-tailed", or the striker and  
> "comb" (the match part) have been cut away.  What is interesting,  
> though very similar, they are different than the ones I've seen on  
> ebay and dogeared.  They list "Over 300 Titles", instead of 220,  
> and have a line "Have You Seen the New Bindings On Modern Library  
> Books?".  The inside is black w/ the RH logo.  Didn't ML reach 300+  
> titles around 1945?  Wouldn't the new bindings be the #8?  This  
> question doesn't jive as the "new" bindings were issued in 1939.   
> What gives?  Giants got a new binding in 1945.... Could that be it?
>        Does anyone else have one of these "black inside" later  
> matchbooks in better shape?  With the matches?  Is it a feature  
> matchbook?
>   http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v732/cottonwoodbooks/ 
> matchbookoutside.jpg
>   http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v732/cottonwoodbooks/ 
> matchbookinside.jpg
>       Anyway, thought I'd share, and some phillumeny lingo to arm  
> yourself when you try to find one of these snots.  Chances are,  
> you'll be buying from a matchbook collector.
>   Benj Clark
>   PS, a great site for learning more about matchbooks (but a bit  
> hard on the eyes in places) is called The Vault found at  http:// 
> users.ev1.net/%7Ermseditor/index.html.  Tons of info, but makes me  
> glad Scot and Ron have some idea of graphic design (even if it's  
> only instinct).  Enjoy!

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