Archives Project: First two years ready

Michael Gowan michael at
Fri Jan 27 08:27:41 EST 2006

Great info! Thanks for the hard work putting this together.

-- Michael

Scot Kamins wrote:
> Folks,
> Ron Holl & I have completed reformatting the archives for the dates 
> March 2001 through December 2002. A search engine has been created so 
> you can browse the archives by month, or do a search by thread title 
> or message content. More search features will be added later. The Beta 
> version is available at Amenities. (The final version may move to 
> Dogeared.) To try it out:
> 1. Go to
> 2. Click Listserv Archives in the panel at the left side of the screen.
> 3. Experiment away.
> Please send us feedback and comments!!! We want to make this material 
> easily accessible and useful to everyone.
> We'll be adding the remainder of the archives as time permits. It may 
> take some time because of the amount of work involved.
> And now some unnecessary notes (but we worked hard on this, and so we 
> feel like we can afflict you with them):
> * Many thread titles were changed to reflect the true contents of the 
> thread.
> * Some threads were broken up into several threads with different 
> names when the subject matter demanded it.
> * Messages in threads have been organized into a logical order so you 
> can read one after another and the context will be clear.
> * Spelling & punctuation has been fixed where the original material 
> was so bad as to be illegible.
> * Dead links have been removed or repaired.
> * Most signature material has been removed, as have been most intros 
> (Hi ModLib) and standard closings (Thanks Much)
> * Unnecessary quoting of earlier messages in a thread has been removed 
> where the context is clear.
> * References to newer material and other editorial comments have been 
> added in places and appear between square brackets.
> * In most cases e-mail addresses have been modified to foil spammers.
> * The original unedited archived material is still available and is 
> accessible to masochists using the methods described on Dogeared at 
> Scot Kamins
> ......................
> "He not busy being born is busy dying." -- Bob Dylan

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