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I have an unusual combination of a copy of The Romance Of Leonardo  
> Da Vinci.
> It has a dust jacket like the gift set of 1928 but a different color
> http://www.dogeared.com/leonardo.jpg
> It is a balloon cloth style #6 binding with Bernhard endpapers. It
> states 159 books on the back of the dj. At the back of the book it
>  lists 10 of the 20 books published in 1929, and omits the other 10.
>  There is an inscription on the front endpaper dated April 15 1929
It's from the 1929 gift set.  I have the same book (I think).  DJ Color light 
green (instead of previous year's red over keratol cover), 159 issues.  I was 
lucky enough to find all three last year at the same store for $10 each.  

John Peterson
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