Encyclopedia of ML Flaws

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Sun Jan 22 16:58:43 EST 2006


A few years ago (Feb 2002) we discussed the possibility of creating a  
visual encyclopedia on Dogeared of book flaws. We had a good  
discussion on it with many folks participating. The idea would be  
that you could see a flaw and know what its name and description is,  
or you could look up a term (chipped, cracked, starting, ex-libris,  
etc) and find a description and see an example. Folks sent in lists  
of terms to be described and many suggestions about what the  
encyclopedia would look like.

Before the project got under way I got too busy to deal with it: I  
determined that there was enough info available on the Web already  
and it wasn't worth the time I had to dedicate to Dogeared.

I can no longer find visual databases of faults that once were  
prevalent on the Internet. I don't know if they disappeared or I just  
can't locate them easily. Either way, this may point to an  
unfulfilled need.

1) Is this a good idea -- is there a need for such a thing?
2) Would people commit to sending me images to use? eBay images of  
faults on ML books tend to be too low-res for this application. I'd  
need two things with each submission: the image and the fault name.


(By the way, the Archives Project is well underway. It's extremely  
labor-intensive, and Ron Holl & I have been spending a lot of time on  
it. Look for the first two years -- 3/01 through 12/02 -- with a  
pretty good searching/browsing interface Real Soon Now. It's the very  
labor-intensive nature of preparing the files that has me wanting to  
work on a parallel project; you have no idea how boring stripping  
HTML code & excess header info can be.)

Scot Kamins
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