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On Jan 18, 2006, at 8:28 AM, John wrote:

> … a variation of Lewis: Arrowsmith is assigned 42.3.  Isn’t   
> O’Hara’s Appointment in Samarra 42.3?
First, I didn't know I had a variations page. Where is it?  :-D

Also, you are certainly correct that 42.3 is taken. A new variation  
would likely get an "a" designation, such as 42.2a, so my note is  

There's a discussion of the variant in August, 2001 on the ListServ:


Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 19:14:16 -0400
From: John Krygier <jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu>
Subject: Lewis/Arrowsmith ML variant

I think I came across another variant not noted in Henry's
excellent guide.  This has to do with "Arrowsmith' by
Sinclair Lewis (number 42.2 in Henry's Guide).

The Guide suggests one version of this ML title (in two
different binding types - 7 and 8) with an introduction by

I have a balloon cloth copy with the introduction (binding
7, 268 titles on DJ - so it must be the last printing in
balloon cloth).

I also have two hard-cover Blumenthal editions w/ 329 and
358 titles on the DJ (the latter copy must be about the last
printing of "Arrowsmith," discontinued in 1952) and neither
has the Sosking introduction.

The pagination on the latter two copies is different from my
balloon cloth edition: the balloon cloth ed. has a V - X
numbered introduction then the book runs from pp. 1-448.
The later Blumenthal bindings run from pp. 3-464 (and the
text on the pages is not the same as the earlier edition).

I am assuming that the introduction was removed and the
book reset at some point after the shift to the hard cover
Blumenthal bindings.

I thought I had a Blumenthal copy with the Sosking
introduction, but I can't find it.  Does anyone have a
hard-cover binding of "Arrowsmith" with the Sosking
introduction - if so, what year is it?

In any case, if this is a 'valid' variant of 'Arrowsmith,"
the Sosking introduced "Arrowsmith" would be numbered
42.2, and the Sosking-free "Arrowsmith" 42.3.  42.3 is
currently O'Hara's "Appointment in Samarra" so that would
become 42.4.  The question is what year did the introduction

From: "Gordon Neavill" <aa3401 at wayne.edu>
Subject: Re: Lewis/Arrowsmith ML variant
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 07:16:32 -0400

I didn't see the original posting about the Arrowsmith variant, but  
the information I have:

Arrowsmith was published in the ML in February 1933, printed from the
original Harcourt, Brace plates (the format was slightly larger than  
so the plates could be used).  This edition runs to 448 pages.  The  
introduction is original to the ML.  It appeared in the Blumenthal  
with a new title page in 1940.

A new ML edition appeared in spring 1946 (the earliest I've seen  
printed from
plates made from a different typesetting.  This edition runs to 464  
and omits the introduction.

Harcourt, Brace terminated the ML's reprint contract in 1952 when it  
to add Arrowsmith to its own newly established series, Harbrace Modern
Classics.  Most other Harcourt, Brace titles (Lewis's Babbitt, Virginia
Woolf, E.M. Forster, Lytton Strachey, etc.) were withdrawn from the  
ML at
the same time.

Given this discussion, there must be more info someplace in archives  
about the new number. I'll find it and post it.

Thanks for spotting the error,


Scot Kamins
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