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Tue Jan 17 15:07:13 EST 2006

Below are the rules for this listServe, posted from time to time for
the enlightenment of the uninformed and reminder to the knowledgeable.

What can I ask or discuss?

*	You can post any question whose answer would add to your
knowledge of Modern Library collecting.
*	You can post any information that adds to the knowledge of
other Modern Library collectors -- heretofore unrecognized first
issue points, new variations, history, whatever.
*	You can offer books for trade (but see the For Sale restrictions).
*	You can ask or offer information on how to locate any Modern
Library book or piece of ephemera (but see the restriction on For
Sale/For Auction items mentioned in the next section) or discuss the
current value of a Modern Library title or piece of ephemera.
*	You can discuss any of these items, or anything else ML-ish,
on any level you want, from rank beginner to extreme expert,
shallowly or in-depth.
*	New collectors are more than welcome.

What's out-of-bounds?

*	Anything that personally attacks another member of the
ListServ (in other words, just use common sense and courtesy)
*	Anything that is NOT directly related to collecting the
Modern Library series
*	Posting an advertisement for your own For Auction (eBay)
items since that information is easy to obtain by searching Modern
Library online -- but you can discuss how high an existing item may
go, or whether the description seems accurate.
*	Posting For Sale ads except for scarce items such as:
	    # Pre-1939 jacketed first editions or scarce jacketed
later editions such as Maltese Falcon
	    # Near-fine or Fine Illustrateds in Near-fine or Fine
mylar or boxes
	    # Scarce post-1939 jacketed editions such as Little Women
or binding scarcities

Also, out of common courtesy,  please be delicate about commenting on
eBay sales [such as "Who's the dufis who bid $50 on the jacketless
Hume?"], as the seller and/or purchaser may be on this list.

For more information about this listServ, see:

Scot Kamins
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