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> Subject: FW: Re: Database & Mylar
> Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 06:13:32 -0500
> From: "Morris, Terry" <Terry.Morris at PolarisLibrary.com>
> To: <modlib at algol.owu.edu>
> I use my Dell Axim to house my ML collection (or as my wife calls  
> it my
> $500 piece of sh&t). I set up my collection in an excel spread sheet.
> Organized by format, i.e. flex, giant. I further break it down by  
> 1980's
> 1990's. A typical entry looks likes this:
> Year	Author		 Title			    Cost
> 1936	Bronte, Charlotte, Wuthering Heights [FMLE]  $19.00
> I find it very helpful. I used to buy duplicates a lot. I take my Axim
> everywhere I go. I travel for my job so I hit a lot of bookstores
> whenever I can. This has been an invaluable tool.
> One problem with the Axim: if you let it run down the battery you have
> to reset the entire Axim. You start from scratch. You don't lose any
> data but it still annoying.
> On the mylar topic
> This is a little late but;
> I use Gaylord Brothers covers. I used to work for them and there is
> nothing like an employee discount.
> For flex and traditional ML's I use number 8.
> For Giants I use number 9.
> The trick to mylar covers is the crisp clean fold over. When you  
> put the
> jacket in the cover you will fold over the white liner and the mylar
> itself. I use a bone (not a real one) to make this fold crisp. The
> second trick is to make sure that the jacket is down into the cover as
> far as possible.
> By the way, I worked for Gaylord Brothers right up until the time we
> sold them to a competitor (demco). When they were moving out of our
> building they tossed a bunch of inventory. Specifically book jacket
> covers. I have them in my garage, baby's room closet, front hall  
> closet.
> I would be more then happy to trade some of them for some ML's.
> I have them in all sizes, although ML sizes are getting low. If anyone
> is interested let me know!
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>> From: JPetersonlhi at aol.com
>> Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 16:08:20 EST
>> Subject: Re: Database
>> To: modlib at algol.owu.edu
>> Another question occurs to me re: databases and ML collecting.  Is
>> anyone
>> using a database on a Palm or PDA as they hunt for ML books?
>> John Peterson

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