Clarification of Dues Now Do

Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Jan 13 15:09:16 EST 2006

(message posted to ListServ as well as mailed to members because of  
some bad e-mail addresses)


This is a reminder and clarification about whose Dogeared membership  
dues are now -- er -- due.

Dues are due from members whose numbers fall within the following range:

FCB 1 - 9
BLS 1 - 3
FES 1 - 17
EFC 1 - 24

To find your number, do a search on your name at the Subscribers Page:

Exceptions are folks who have already re-upped (and thanks!!!!) or  
folks whose names appear in the Dogeared Senior Editors list at the  
bottom of the Subscribers Page.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you're a member of both the ListServ and of  
Dogeared, and you did NOT receive TWO copies of this e-mail (one  
directly from me and one from the ListServ), something is wrong  
somewhere; please let me know.

If you have any questions, please send them to me directly rather  
than through the ListServ.

Thanks much to all for keeping Dogeared alive and well on the Internet,

Scot Kamins
kamins at

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