An ML oddity

Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Jan 13 13:38:42 EST 2006

On Jan 13, 2006, at 9:02 AM, I wrote:

>  Modern Library is famous for such oddities. I have a Boni-Liveright
> Treasure Island binding housing Ibsen's Plays, an illustrated  
> Longfellow
> book block in a standard Longfellow binding, a balloon cloth  
> Candide with
> one signature missing and a second signature doubled, and a giant  
> buckram
> without the buckram stamp on the spine.

I should have pointed out that the illustrated Longfellow book block  
in a standard binding was likely NOT a binding error. I recall a  
discussion in the ListServ sometime back (which I cannot locate at  
the moment) where I think it was Barry who said this was intentional  
-- something about binding the remainder stock of already printed  
book blocks when the illustrated series was discontinued because of  
the expense.


- Scot Kamins
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