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use rolls of Mylar 16" wide and several hundred feet long. You can cut the 
mylar to the size you require and use it for other than ML books also. Add to 
that you get more for your money. You can buy rolls from Brodart. 
I believe you are referring to plain Mylar, which could be used for 
protecting jacketless books, and perhaps jackets as well.  I presume precision cutting 
is a bit tricky unless you have a large cutting board.  Plain Mylar on a 
jacketless book does add something to the book's appearance, as well as protecting 

Mylar that is used for covering books is too thick. I use the thinnest (also 
the cheapest) Mylar available and it requires no precision cutting at all. If 
you cut too much you just waste a little of it, that's all. 16" width is 
enough for both Giants and Regular. 
You just fold the Mylar around the dj, then crease where Mylar touches edges 
of jacket. I can do two or three a minute!
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