REDUX: Mylar dust jacket covers

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Curious as to why you cut the paper backing to fit the flexis.  I buy the 9"
paperbacked and simply fold the paper then the see-through to fit the
jacket, be it giant, regular, or flexi.  It does not bulge or cause any
other problems that I can see.

Earlier, DR posted he folded the paper about 1/8" from the edge, then folded
the see-through at the jacket edge.  Why 1/8"?  I make two folds, two.  But,
both at the edge of the jacket.  My feeling is it gives just a little more
support to jacket, particularly the older more brittle ones.  I live with
the white paper showing through the chips.

John Wolansky

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> I use Brodart Plasti-Kleer Just-A-Fold Adjustable Book Jacket Cover.
> Giants:  10-507-602  9"
> Regulars (flexis, blumnethals): 10-507-601  8"
I neglected to note that these are the ones with the paper backing  
(no glue tabs). They are suitable for dust jackets but not for  
jacketless books. I find myself cutting down the 8"ers to fit flexis.

Scot Kamins
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