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Are Henry Toledano's lists available electronically?  In other words,
> can we download the data (list of ML's by number, title, etc.) so that
> we can keep track of our own collection on our own computer?

Hi Bob,

Henry sells (or did sell) the data base on disk (Databases and text,  
but no illustrations) for some really inexpensive rate like $15.  
Henry's phone number is (415) 387-7162 and his e-mail is HTatML at

I can give a testimonial to Henry's database, which I bought over a year ago, 
in MS Access format.  It has all the info of the paper guide, but was sent to 
me as an email attachment.  It took me almost of year of unsuccessful 
attempts to make Access do what I wanted to do with the database, but I'm finally 
able to make it catalogue my collection, condition, price paid, etc.  
I''m gradually getting all my books in the database, starting alphabetically. 
 (I've finished Faulkner, and am approaching the dreaded Misc.)  Hopefully 
now, I'll avoid buying the identical book twice, which I've done a number of 

John Peterson
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