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> I have a customer who is a real ace in applying Bro-Darts.  Better   
> even than
> me.  Aside from the general concept of getting everything   
> perfectly flat, he
> uses a wooden roller to crease the edge.  Same kind used  for  
> wallpaper.  Wh
> ether this gives any advantage over the recommended bone  folder, I  
> don't know;
> but his Bro-Darts are exquisitely perfect.
> My own technique is to crease the paper about 1/8 inch below the  
> edge, and
> then the mylar precisely at the edge.  As opposed to creasing paper  
> and  mylar
> simultaneously.  That allows a sharper crease.
> You of course work with the sandwich face down, the blank paper  
> facing  up.
> Bent corners of tears can often be persuaded to lie more or less  
> flat  for a
> few moments after some serious pressure from a warm fingertip.
> I have seen older jacket sleeves that had black edges.  Very   
> bad.   Hope
> they don't make them anymore.  They are often seen on  ex-library  
> books.  Tend to
> leave black marks on the edges of the jackets in  the long run.
> Jackets from ex-library books, preserved in sleeves, are often in  
> near fine
> condition, and can be married to jacketless books if you are so  
> inclined.
> Cheers,
> DR

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