Mylar dust jacket covers

John jwol at
Wed Jan 11 12:37:15 EST 2006

I started using Brodart and am satisfied.  Specifically, I bought the roll,
number 10-593-002, for jackets up to 9".  Is suits both regular and Giant
ML's.  It is a higher end jacket, clear, with archival quality acid free
paper backing.  Instructions for using come with the order.  You can buy a
sampler package with 20 or 30 or something, I do not recall, all in one size
or various sizes.  Others on this site may use Gaylord or some other brand
and they can comment on those.


John Wolansky


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I'm new to the listserv, so please pardon me if this has been covered

I'd like to cover my ML dust jackets in mylar. Does anyone have
recommendations on what to buy and what sizes I'll need for standard and
Giants? Tips on how to cover the dust jacket? 


-- Michael 

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