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All three are distinguished in my ML bibliography.  The first
printing, of course, was in 1950.  Within the first "family of
printings" there are 2 variants of E. McKnight Kauffer's
(unsigned) jacket: the first is in black and yellow with gray
shading; the gray was omitted beginning in 1955.

The Rovere introduction was dropped in 1963.  The
introductions to Sactuary and Absalom, Absalom! were also
dropped that year.

The 480 p. printings date from 1965, when the ML began
printing from offset plates that were photographically
reproduced from the first printing published by Smith & Haas
in 1932.  There were also printings from these plates by
Random House (1967), MLCE with an introduction by Cleanth
Brooks (1968), and Vintage Books (1972).


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