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I have three distinct versions of this number 88, and only two places to 
classify them
(88.5 & 88.6)

Version #1 is clearly 88.5: Intro Rovere, 444 pages in text, catalogue of 
regulars in back
    DJ is Yellow/Black, 408 titles inside (Spr,'62)

Version #2 has no intro, 444 pages in text, no catalogue in back, inside the 
generic white DJ dates to Fall, '63   (Ellison, no Malamud), and a 1950 
copyright on back of title page

Version #3 has no intro, 480 pages in text, catalogue of regulars and giants 
in back, dating to Fall, '65 (Mann, Confessions of but no Mann, Faustus), and 
a 1959 copyright renewed statement on back of title page.

Both Versions 2 & 3 are #11 spines

My question is:  which of versions 2 and 3 is 88.6, and what is the other 
one?  Should there be three versions?

John Peterson
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