Styron's The Long March; Your Child's Body and Mind

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Hi Barry,

Thanks for all that information!  That is all very interesting.  I'm putting together an ML Paperback page at Amenities and will include this there, as well as on your Bindery page.  I wondered if that was the case with The Long March, since it seemed rather too scarce for an early PB that had reprintings.

I do have a copy of P46, and (albeit in a much shorter time span than most collectors) have found it as scarce as P22.

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> Henry is correct about there only being one ML Paperbacks
> printing of Styron's The Long March. I've checked my records
> and have never seen a later printing.  I have complete sales
> records for 1958/59 and 1959/60 of ML Paperbacks, and The Long
> March was one of the poorer selling titles at this time --
> 3,700 copies -- though it sold 900 more copies in 1959/60 than
> in 1958/59, which was encouraging.  Faulkner's Sound and the
> Fury was the best-selling ML Paperback during this 2-year
> period, with sales of 46,500 copies. The only titles with
> worse sales than The Long March were Isherwood's Prater
> Violet, Tomlinson's The Sea and the Jungle, Huysman's Against
> the Grain, and Stein's Appreciation.  The last two sold less
> than 150 copies each in 1959/60, which suggests that they were
> disontinued or went out of print early in the year.
> According to James L.W. West's Styron bibliography, The Long
> March had 3 more printings, but the 2nd-4th printings were
> under the Vintage Books imprint.
> Given the scarcity of Dunbar's Your Child's Mind and Body
> (P46), some collectors have questioned whether it was ever
> published.  It was.  Sales during the two-year period totaled
> 9,800 copies.  If you come across one of them, let me know --
> it's the one ML Paperback I don't have!
> Barry

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