Ron Holl modlib at
Tue Feb 28 22:19:58 EST 2006

Wait, that is a little different.  Those two have the same wording in two different bindings and would have been bound in different years.  The old offset lithography issue where the "first" statement was retained.  (Except for the "|" <-> "," difference before the date... is that accurate?).  Mark was describing different text and likely the same binding.  Although it may not exist.


> I have both, and it's true.
> One says:  FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION | September, 1966  in an 11  
> binding with kent endpapers in  an "m" jacket (blank inverse)
> The other: FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, September, 1966 in a 13  
> binding with blank endpapers in an "n" jacket "Modern Fiction" (blank  
> inverse)
> The artwork on the front & spine of the DJ are identical.
> On Feb 28, 2006, at 6:41 PM, Mark Braley wrote:
> > Apparently there may have been two releases of the modern library  
> > edition in 1966, one that actually states: First Modern Library  
> > Edition and the other which states: Modern Library Edition  
> > September, 1966.  I am trying to confirm whether this is actually  
> > the case.  Mark

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