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Tue Feb 28 21:59:45 EST 2006

I have both, and it's true.

One says:  FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION | September, 1966  in an 11  
binding with kent endpapers in  an "m" jacket (blank inverse)
The other: FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION, September, 1966 in a 13  
binding with blank endpapers in an "n" jacket "Modern Fiction" (blank  

The artwork on the front & spine of the DJ are identical.

On Feb 28, 2006, at 6:41 PM, Mark Braley wrote:

> Apparently there may have been two releases of the modern library  
> edition in 1966, one that actually states: First Modern Library  
> Edition and the other which states: Modern Library Edition  
> September, 1966.  I am trying to confirm whether this is actually  
> the case.  Mark
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>> Hi Mark,
>> A quick search of the archives did not yield an answer.  So it  
>> seems like a unique question.
>> I don't quite understand the question though.  V. looks like a  
>> late (fall) 1966 ML release.  So do you mean the difference  
>> between the real first edition (non ML) and the FMLEd?  Or the  
>> FMLEd and the next ML printing? (Henry shows more than one  
>> printing, and Scot has only one DJ displayed.)
>>> This has probably been asked more than once, but could someone  
>>> please explain to me the differences between the first ed. 1966  
>>> of Pynchon's V and the September, 1966 edition including any  
>>> differences in the DJ? Thanks very much.  Mark Braley

Scot Kamins
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