Sudden upsurge in listings on eBay?

O'Hara, Don - Washington, DC don.o'hara at
Wed Feb 22 15:41:35 EST 2006

Scot --

There hasn't been a wave of panic-selling from ML collectors.

It's just that Ebay has started showing the "Buy It Now" items in seller
stores right after the true auction listings.  You used to have to click
on a link at the bottom of the auction list.  If you page through the
listings, the break between the auctions and the stores can easily be
detected, though it's not really emphasized.


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Reality Check time:

I'm getting an order of magnitude increase on ML hits on eBay over  
last week

"Modern Library" in title only: 1128

"Modern Library" in title & content: 8950

Are other folks seeing the same thing?

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