Would a list of 1928/29 Transitionals be helpful?

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Tue Feb 21 18:48:31 EST 2006

The other day I received some entries for the Buckrams Extant list  
from Darrell Johnson (for which I thank him). Attached to that e-mail  
was the following comment:

> You Have a short peice on transitional bindings; I think you should  
> start a similar list list for those.  I Have:
> Free and other Stories; Theodore Dreiser
> Sallambo; August Flaubert; First Modern Library Edition 1929
> Up Stream: Ludwig Lewisohn
> Death of the God's; Dmitri Merejkoski; 2 copies First Modern  
> Library Edition (Both)
> Tristam Shandy; Laurence Sterne
> An Outline of Abnormal Psychology; Gardner Murphy; First Modern  
> Library Edition

What do others think? Is this a good idea - would it help folks for  
their research/collections?

If so, what form should the list take? I assume it would be attached  
to the Transitions page
or be made a part of the FAQ on the topic

As usual, this would be successful only if people sent me lists of  
the transitionals in their collections.

- Scot kamins
"What if this weren't a hypothetical question?"

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