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> As others have noted, Bonibooks were an early experiment in  
> paperback publishing that began in 1929 and ended two years later.   
> They were well printed on good paper, nicely designed, and had  
> really striking covers by Rockwell Kent and others. An interesting  
> mix of titles too.  The intent was to publish one a month and you  
> could s*bscribe to them for $5.00 a year. A great publishing idea,  
> but badly timed -- they were launched shortly before the stock  
> market crash.  Charles Boni was the primary person behind the  
> series.  The publishing firm of A.& C. Boni had been founded in  
> 1923, and I believe Charles left to concentrate on Bonibooks. An  
> interesting sidelight is that if you wanted a cloth cover, you  
> could send  the book back with a dollar and they would bind it for  
> you.
> I've always liked them and pick them up when I see them, though I  
> don't think there are a lot of Bonibook collectors.  I must have 15  
> or so, maybe more.  I promptly ordered the Salammbo that another  
> member of the list mentioned!
> Barry

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