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> I'm guessing that this was one of Albert Boni's efforts after  
> Little Leather Library and ML. The brochure seems to be targeting  
> much the same customers as ML, offering "taste & culture" during  
> the depression at half the price of ML.  Anyone know about this  
> series? Was it successful?  Are there collectors who might be  
> interested in a brochure such as this?

"Books published with paper covers had appeared before the 1930s. For  
instance, in 1929 Charles Boni launched Boni Paper Books, which  
offered paperbound books first through a mail-order club and then, as  
Bonibooks, through bookstores. The books were beautifully designed,  
but the series ended in 1932 because of the Depression. "

Here's a link to a copy of a great  "Against the Grain" lurid  
Bonibooks cover:

Other citations point to Bonibooks dated as late as 1934 or 1935 (but  
described as hardbacks).

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