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I found one of these recently.  If memory serves correct it was Thais by France.  It had a cool litho cover (I think).  There is a similar one to the Thais on ebay now (Salammbo). 
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      Stuck in a baloon cloth ML I bought today there was a small catalogue/brochure advertising "Bonibooks: Famous Books by Famous Authors."  The 50 cent price of these books is prominently advertised, as is the literary quality "Bonibooks meet the demand of improved literary standards and artistic appreciation."  From the description, these books appear to be paperbacks, and the undated brochure appears to be from the early '30,s ("...these are being offered at a price which should make good books as much a part of American life as the radio and the talkies"), and the fine condition brochure may have been stuck in the book (#5 binding) at time of original purchase.  Oddly, to order any of the 34 books listed, you check off your choices on the form and send it to "Jacob Kramer, Chemist, Broadway & 107th, NYC."  
  I'm guessing that this was one of Albert Boni's efforts after Little Leather Library and ML. The brochure seems to be targeting much the same customers as ML, offering "taste & culture" during the depression at half the price of ML.  Anyone know about this series? Was it successful?  Are there collectors who might be interested in a brochure such as this?
  John Peterson

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