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Mon Feb 13 12:15:37 EST 2006

Hi Michael,

On Feb 13, 2006, at 7:08 AM, Michael Gowan wrote:

> What philosophy titles do you think are the hardest to find? Has  
> anyone else made this a theme for collecting?

Your question sent me to the Philosophy section of the Dogeared Genre  

I looked to see what the earlier titles were, perhaps in Boni- 
Liveright or at least pre-1939, and saw these immediately:

Beyond Good and Evil - Nietzsche
Ecce Homo and The Birth of Tragedy - Nietzsche
Genealogy of Morals - Nietzsche

All of these were puplished until 1936  and then were dropped.  
They're tough to find in DJ.

Evolution in Modern Thought - Misc  (certain sections)

Hope this helps,

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