Searchable Archives Now Available Through January 2006

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Sun Feb 12 22:34:26 EST 2006

Wow, Scot, that had to be a huge project!  Thanks to you and Ron for taking 
it on.

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> Folks,
> Ron Holl and I have completed work converting the archives to a 
> searchable form. All archives from the beginning (March 2001) though 
> January 2006 are available. You can search on the subject field,  message 
> content, or name of poster. Content can be displayed by  thread name --  
> clickable to get to the messages -- or by direct  message display with 
> links to the complete messages. (Try it - it's  simpler and clearer than 
> it sounds.) You can also browse all messages  a month at a time - all 4500 
> of them!!!
> Our current intention is to update the archives just after the end of 
> each month: for example, February will be added sometime during early 
> March (depending on our schedules). We may add further search options  and 
> other features over time.
> The searchable archives currently live at Amenities  ( 
> They may be moved to Dogeared after Scot learns  to program, stay at 
> Amenities, or live at both sites.
> When time allows, I'll be writing up detailed information accessible  from 
> the search page about how the searchable archives differ from  the raw 
> archives, how to do searches (although Ron has a sone a great  job making 
> this really simple and intuitive), and anything else  appropriate.
> Enjoy!!
> Scot Kamins for Scot & Ron
> .....
> "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security are deserving of  neither 
> liberty nor security."
>                       - after Benjamin Franklin

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