Need help with dating book - Picture of Dorian Gray

Eve Dudzinski evelina_au at
Sat Feb 11 20:03:17 EST 2006

Hello! I have received a book as a present and I would like to learn a 
little more about it but I've found it impossible to find any info online.

The book is the Picture of Dorian Gray (my personal favourite book of all 
time), its 6x4 in size, the hard cover is made of board, has a gold painted 
spine, with a small section thats painted red where it says 'Wilde' and 
'Dorian Gray' and three quarters of the front and back is covered by a 
decortive paper that is red with a gold swirled floral design. On the inside 
it has no date of publishing, simply says: The picture of dorian gray, oscar 
wilde, The modern library, publishers, New York. Then on the back of the 
page it says manufactured in the united states of american for the modern 
library, Inc., by H.Wolff. The page numbers are on the top corners.. and 
thats all I can think of to describe.

My friend said he had an antique shop in NY chase it down for him and that 
they said it was a limited edition, one of the first few hardcovers 
published of the book and apparently it cost him a bit, but of course he 
wont tell me how much excatly, and Im assuming this information is simply 
someones guess and not really reliable.

As you can see, Im new to collecting books so I am not sure of the correct 
terminology etc but I hope someone might have an idea of what book I am 
describing, or at least point me in the right direction to where I can find 
more info.



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