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Fri Feb 10 20:35:12 EST 2006

Well, here it is.  Dj is long gone, as you can tell by the bad fading.  What is cool is the different style spine, and the torchbearer seems slightly off.  The cloth is not balloon, but a linen, like later bindings.  No catalog in the book to date it exactly.  Verso of title page states "Printed in the United States of America", also.  Printing is in black, however, instead of colored like the Hamiltons.  Also, there is no mention of Modern Library on the title page.  On this particular copy there is a circular ink stamp that reads "The Punjab Religious Book Society" around the edge and "Anarkali Lahore." in the center.  Googling the organization, it did operate in India.  Wonder if some roaming Brit took the book to India?  It's in West Texas now.  It may be moving soon, though.
  benjamin l clark

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