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Price changes applied to the entire series, so prices were increased on older titles along with those published after the increase went into effect.  The ML put stickers with the new price on jackets of previously published books in the warehouse.  I seem to recall that price stickers may have been available to booksellers as well so that all copies in the bookstore could be marked at the new price.  This prevented confusion about the retail price on the part of customers, and it gave the bookseller a windfall profit on existing stock that had been bought at a discount based on the old price.


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>> I found a spring '41 title w/ the $1.45 sticker over the original  
>> $1.25 price.  No date on the sticker (like other price change  
>> stickers), but I believe you Barry.  For the record, it was Essays  
>> of Montaigne Florio translation, w/ the restyled dj.
>>   benjamin l clark
>>> GORDON NEAVILL <aa3401 at wayne.edu> wrote:
>>>   The Giants went to $1.45 in spring 1942. Malraux's Man's
>>> Hope, published in October 1941, was the last Giant published
>>> at $1.25. The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln, published
>>> in February 1942, was $1.45.
>>> The price rose to $1.75 at the beginning of 1946, but hardly
>>> anyone noticed. Except for newly published titles, few Giants
>>> were available. Nearly all the Giants were out of stock by
>>> the end of the war, and paper shortages that continued to
>>> plague the publishing industry in the years immediately
>>> following the war. It wasn't until September 1948 that all
>>> the regular volumes and Giants were again in stock.
>>> Barry
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