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> Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 03:50:35 -0800 (PST)
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> Subject: Re: Price of Giants
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> I found a spring '41 title w/ the $1.45 sticker over the original  
> $1.25 price.  No date on the sticker (like other price change  
> stickers), but I believe you Barry.  For the record, it was Essays  
> of Montaigne Florio translation, w/ the restyled dj.
>   benjamin l clark
>> GORDON NEAVILL <aa3401 at wayne.edu> wrote:
>>   The Giants went to $1.45 in spring 1942. Malraux's Man's
>> Hope, published in October 1941, was the last Giant published
>> at $1.25. The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln, published
>> in February 1942, was $1.45.
>> The price rose to $1.75 at the beginning of 1946, but hardly
>> anyone noticed. Except for newly published titles, few Giants
>> were available. Nearly all the Giants were out of stock by
>> the end of the war, and paper shortages that continued to
>> plague the publishing industry in the years immediately
>> following the war. It wasn't until September 1948 that all
>> the regular volumes and Giants were again in stock.
>> Barry

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