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The Giants went to $1.45 in spring 1942.  Malraux's Man's
Hope, published in October 1941, was the last Giant published
at $1.25.  The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln, published
in February 1942, was $1.45.

The price rose to $1.75 at the beginning of 1946, but hardly
anyone noticed.  Except for newly published titles, few Giants
were available.  Nearly all the Giants were out of stock by
the end of the war, and paper shortages that continued to
plague the publishing industry in the years immediately
following the war.  It wasn't until September 1948 that all
the regular volumes and Giants were again in stock.


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>>> So, the early limiting factor is when the price of Giants
>>> from $1.25 to $1.45.  You have indicated that was 1943. 
Are we  
>>> sure of that?  Given the price in the 1943 catalog (and I
have a  
>>> Spring 1943 dj from a giant edition indicating $1.45), it
was no  
>>> later than that.  Have we confirmed Giants printed in 1941
>>> 1942 had a price of $1.25?
>> The Toledano Updates page on Dogeared has a note saying
that the  
>> price of Giants rose to $1.45 in 1943.
>I just found a note from John Wolansky (Date: Tue, 15 May
2001) in  
>the string "Help Needed To Adjust The Price Chronology Of
..." noting  
>a price of $1.45 for a giant in 1942! (Damn archive project!!!)
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