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B.L. Clark cottonwoodbooks at
Sat Feb 4 17:24:15 EST 2006

No mention of 'regulars' really.  I was working from [bad] memory instead of actually looking at the thing, and forgot the price was listed for both regulars and giants.  Still hoping someone else has a black inside to tell us if this is a "feature" matchbook w/ titles printed on the sticks.  Anyone able to double check that Satterfield reference?  

modlib at wrote:
  > the year ML broke 300, but there is no 
> mention of giants on the matchbook.

Hey benj,

Where does it mention 'regulars' on the matchbook? I think given both prices listed they were likely referring to a total of both regular and giant in the count, and the matchbook could even be from 1943.

Ya, this is fun! Someone has to find a 1927 matchbook.


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