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> Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 12:33:58 -0800 (PST)
> From: "B.L. Clark" <cottonwoodbooks at yahoo.com>
> Subject:  ML Matchbooks
> To: modlib at algol.owu.edu
> Sorry, I didn't realize that the links didn't stay together.  Here  
> are the tiny url's for the same links provided earlier:
>   Outsided http://tinyurl.com/7pvau
>   Inside http://tinyurl.com/dsz48
>   We know there are at least 2 now.  Satterfield, in the "Booming"  
> chapter (section?) mentions an invoice from Diamond Matches to the  
> Modern Library from 1927 (?).  Anyone remember that, or have a copy  
> of the book handy?  I'm also still waiting to hear any theories on  
> mine being 300+ titles, 95 cents, and "New Bindings".  The giants  
> got new bindings in 1945, the year ML broke 300, but there is no  
> mention of giants on the matchbook.  Anyone have a black inside  
> book w/ the matches?  Man, this is fun.
>   benjamin l clark

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