'o' DJ Without ML Titles

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Sat Dec 30 22:11:33 EST 2006

Thanks again Barry.  I was wondering if there was a white Selected/Faulkner without the "ml", like the others.  I guess not!  My 'o' Faulkner jacket has a $3.95 price.  And lousy paper inside the book.


> The ml logo is the same as shown on ModernLib. The spines, front panels, and front flaps of the regular and tall jackets are identical. Both spines have the squared-off torchbearer, not the "ml" symbol. The back flaps and back panels are different. Incidentally, my "o" jacket with the ISBN on the back panel has a price of $2.95 on the flap.

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