'o' DJ Without ML Titles

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Sat Dec 30 18:48:31 EST 2006

Hi Barry,

Thanks!  So, this is unique to Faulkner titles; specifically those in the later white jackets.  I thought it may have been done to mid 70's printings when the supply of ml titles had dwindled.

Does your Selected Short Stories jacket have the ml logo on the front (as displayed on the copy at ModernLib)?

Happy New Year!


> I have Faulkner's Selected Short Stories in a 12 binding with a white Faulkner 'n' jacket. Like all other white Faulkner jackets I've seen it has a list of Faulkner titles available from Random House on the back -- but the titles from Sartoris to The Reivers are displayed in two columns. My 'n' jacket is the same as your picture.
> Happy New Year!

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