Ron Holl modlib at
Wed Dec 27 20:36:13 EST 2006

> Yes, I read the same blurb, Bill, yet our entire
> library system owns 2 copies.  Therefore, I won't feel
> so insecure that my collection is half jacketless.
> It's valuable in another way. 

Insecure?  Why?  Only a few more and you are at 100!  And plus, you have a bunch of the early bindings.  And at least one of every regular binding.  And most importantly a copy of Pickwick Papers and a copy of Tess.

> I hesitate to add comments to this board. I don't want
> to say the obvious but sometimes I do, anyway.
> Everytime I have, I have been rewarded. After our
> notes on Upstream, I read the book and was enthralled.

Hesitate?  Why?  You now have Bill, me, and probably countless others reading Wells along with you.

>  There are a lot of 'winners' in Modern Library, I
> have heard.  I hope some of these books are not
> forgotten. Will we be walking around like the
> characters in Fahrenheit 451 reciting our books?

I am surprised how really good most of these books are.

Bill: Thanks for sending along the Wells blurb.


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