Christmas Additions (Madaline)

Madaline Reddy mac-reddy at
Tue Dec 26 02:03:38 EST 2006

Happy Holidays!
Nice of you to ask, Ron.

 My young adult children  bought 3:

1. Tono-Bungay by H.G.Wells--I'm sorry, the title made
me laugh. I've never heard of this and yukked for
awhile. Ok, I'll read it and stop laughing. I'm sure
it's not as funny as it sounds. This is an 8 w/o dj.

2. Saint Joan, Major Barbara and Androcles & the Lion
by Bernard Shaw. This is an 11 sans dj. I own
another-a 10 with dj, though.

3. Six Modern American Plays-miscellaneous authors-no
dj. It's an 8. 

Anyone else? 

The Quick Guide to Regular Binding Styles is


--- Ron Holl <modlib at> wrote:

> I am curious if there were many ML editions received
> as Christmas gifts.  Was that a total of 3 you got,
> Madaline?  If so, which titles are they?  We want to
> know!
> ron

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