Modern Library Collection for Sale

Michael Watson archetype at
Thu Dec 21 13:20:13 EST 2006


Similar to a very common type of bid at an absolute auction: the "bid for
choice." If you're the high bid you can take as many of the items as you
want. After that, the bidding is opened again and the next winner gets the
same choice (except the best items are now gone).

I remember winning a bid for choice and taking *all* the Rookwood Pottery
vases at a small-town auction. If looks could kill, I'd be dead.


> In a message dated 12/20/2006 3:11:30 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> kamins at writes:
>> What you are bidding on is the option of the first, second and
>> third choice of purchases.
> Henry,
> I'm confused by this. Is it that you're selling options to purchase
> books? The winner pays to have the right to purchase three titles?
> Thanks,
> Scot Kamins
> .................
> Just send in your bid and I will let you know the high bids around January
> 20
> and will then expect some cash from the top bidders.

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