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This is extremely confusing. As I understand it, you're asking people to bid on having first, second, and third crack at buying books from your collection. Does the high bidder get as many items from your collection as he or she wants at the prices you set? The second highest bidder then gets what's left after the first bidder has his pick? Or does the winner get to choose one item, the second highest bidder then chooses one item, etc.?

Are the bids credited against purchases or are they in addition to the cost of the books? What if a second or third place winner finds there's nothing left he wishes to buy or that the prices are higher than he wishes to pay -- is the bid refundable in that case?

Am I correct in assuming that the books will be offered at set prices and that people are bidding on priority in being given the opportunity to buy them?

Any serious collector who was seen your collection knows you have fabulous books in fabulous condition, but longtime collectors have fewer gaps to fill than newer collectors and might find it less worthwhile to bid a large sum to gain the right to acquire a limited number of needed rarities. 

The ground rules need to be spelled out in detail so that it's clear to people what they're bidding on. 


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>     Henry,
>     I'm confused by this. Is it that you're selling
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>     books? The winner pays to have the right to
>     purchase three titles?
>     Thanks,
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>   Just send in your bid and I will let you know the
>   high bids around January 20 and will then expect
>   some cash from the top bidders.
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