Dostoevksy misseppling on DJ

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The first printing of the Crime and Punishment jacket has the misprint (DOSTOYEVKSY) you refer to on the front panel. Dostoyevsky is correctly spelled on the title page and binding spine. My jacket is missing the top inch of so of the spine, but there's just enough of the last three letters to suggest it's misspelled there too. Whoever set the type for the jacket obviously got a little mixed up. The spelling was corrected on later jackets as shown in the 1934 dj on the ML Collecting list.

Crime and Punishment was published in January 1932, and like most January titles it had a jacket with the previous fall's list (includes Balzac, Droll Stories but not Dreiser, Sister Carrie).

Thank you for posting this query. I've had this book for years and never noticed the misprint on the jacket!


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>A non-listmember is corresponding with me and I have a question:
>199.1 Crime and Punishment, limp covers, 1932, stated ML first, in correct
>typographical DJ with 200 titles listed.
>Author's name on DJ is mispeld Dostoevksy instead of Dostoevsky as it was
>by 1934 at the latest.
>Does anyone know if this is the first state of the DJ, or what?
>Thanks in advance. -Michael Watson
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