Dostoevksy misseppling on DJ

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Thu Dec 14 15:23:09 EST 2006

I'm not sure it's a question of whether to spell the
name as Dostoyevsky or Dostoevsky, or anything involving
the palatalized Russian e.

Look at the last syllable: sky or or the spelling cited
in the subject line above: ksy

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On Dec 14, 2006, at 11:53 AM, Bill DiBenedetto wrote:

> I'm not sure if there is a correct standard spelling in English --  
> I've seen
> several different renditions by various publishers and articles,  
> including
> many with an 'i' on the end.

That's my experience as well. Also, there can be no "correct"  
spelling of a name translated - or actually, transliterated - from a  
non-english type alphabet. Of course, it WOULD be nice if there were  
some kind of consistency...

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