Why would Random House ask for its own books???

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The thing that I find interesting is that they didn't have their own  
copies. Why wouldn't a publisher have copies of its own backlist,  
especially for ones published in recent years?

On Dec 10, 2006, at 6:08 PM, Gordon Neavill wrote:

> Scott,
> This was the period when RH was converting the Modern Library from  
> letterpress (relief) printing plates to offset lithograhy. They  
> took clean copies of backlist titles, photographed the pages, and  
> made offset plates from the negatives. They wanted to photograph  
> copies of first or very early printings since later printings  
> tended to show wear and batter to the plates. It was shortly before  
> this period that offset lithographic printing had become cheaper  
> than letterpress printing. Today nearly all printing is  
> photolithographic; "hot" metal type isn't involved at any stage. I  
> discussed this in my column in ML Collector 44.
> Thanks for finding this ad! I hadn't seen it before. Somewhere I  
> have a list of titles that RH hadn't been able to convert to offset  
> lithography ... when I get time I'll compare it to this list.
> Barry
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>> Folks,
>> In searching in the New York Times historic database, I ran across an
>> ad from Random House (December 8, 1968) addressing a plea to the
>> general public. The ad says (in part) "Random House is now revising
>> its entire Modern Library series and needs copies of these books..."
>> The ad includes a list of titles wanted "for editorial purposes and
>> for reproduction." See the ad here:
>> http://www.modernlib.com/68.12.jpg
>> Some of the titles in the list had recently been published. So how
>> could it be that Random House didn't have copies of its own library
>> -- especially recently published titles?
>> Scot Kamins
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